Say Helo To The Antique Coffee Grinder

Antique Styled Coffee Grinder

There is no question about the importance of the right type of grinding when it comes to making that perfect batch of coffee in the morning. Consistent and fine coffee bean grinding allows the beans to fully release their flavors and natural oils as soon as you pour hot water over them.

On the other hand, there is no shortage of coffee grinding technology in the market. There are hundreds of products available and you can select the best ones, basing your decision on your requirements and specifications.

vintage coffee grinder on a pile of coffee beans

However, there is no harm in adding an antique coffee grinder to your kitchen. Sure, they are way old school, but they boast aesthetical value. Not to mention you can use them as a decorative item in the kitchen. Moreover, an old coffee grinder can also make for a very thoughtful gift for a coffee enthusiast who can use it as a decorative item or actually use it to grind coffee.

For coffee aficionados, the deep and exquisitely aromatic smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning is nothing but heaven. The smell fills the kitchen and slowly engulfs the house. You can practically taste the coffee by smelling before you even take a sip.

The incredible aroma begins to gradually increase your fresh batch of coffee is brewing and nearly complete. All you have to do is wait for a few seconds with the mug in your hand before sipping fresh coffee and having a great start to your day.

For absolute coffee lovers and advocates an antique grinding wheel or an old coffee grinder is something that they will always welcome in their kitchen.

A Look At Some Important Reasons Why You Should Buy An Old-School Coffee Grinder

Sure, there is no harm in buying pre-packaged and processed coffee beans at the local supermarket. You can buy it cans too. But if you are a coffee lover – or someone who enjoys strong and crisp coffee, you already know there is no comparison when it comes to freshly ground whole-coffee beans.

The taste and smell of freshly ground beans is something else and processed and pre-packaged coffee beans will never be able to provide you with the natural oils and flavors a fresh batch of newly grounded coffee can.

bag of coffee beans next to an antique coffee grinder

You can also choose to buy whole coffee beans from your local food store and have them ground there. However, if the person before you used the machine to grind a different type coffee bean, the flavor of that batch could very spoil the taste and aroma of your batch.

You could also go for grinding all your beans right then and there instead of grinding them in batches. Although grinding all your coffee beans will provide you with a delicious cup of flavorsome and aromatic coffee in the first few cups, the texture and richness of the coffee may start to deteriorate after a couple of cups.

This is why it is better to grind them as per requirement. This is why you should have the proper equipment for grinding and making great coffee.

A majority of people opt for electric coffee machines. Sure, they do work well; there is absolutely no denying that. Plus, nothing can match the sheer convenience and simplicity modern technology has to offer. The only drawback of electric coffee grinders is the fact that they make too much noise.

Furthermore, there is always a chance that the machine you use may heat up the coffee beans, which could in turn adversely affect the flavor and texture of the finished product.

An antique coffee grinder is way different than an electrical coffee machine. First up, it doesn’t need electricity to operate and second, it is manually operated – which is kind of obvious. Anyhow, a vintage coffee grinder can help you produce a wonderful coffee-bean grind. Plus, the machine will not heat the coffee beans, which means no loss in texture and quality.

antique coffee grinder in an old fashioned ambient

Another reason you should invest in an old-school coffee grinder is the fact that they can come in handy when you go for an outdoor adventure or camping. A coffee lover is a coffee lover no matter where they go. They will never compromise on the quality and aroma of freshly ground coffee.

It goes without saying that you can’t take an electrical grinder with you. This is where an antique coffee grinder for sale will help you get through your day in the wild. All you have to do is pour some coffee beans in it, use the handle to grind the coffee, add hot water, and voila! Fresh coffee on-demand!

Furthermore, old coffee grinders can also make for great decorative items. They are beautiful appliances that come with a rich and vibrant history. It won’t do you any harm to use an old coffee grinder as a decorative item.

The Different Styles An Old Fashioned Coffee Grinder Comes In

There are a variety of different styles these old fashioned coffee machines come in. You can purchase one that can be easily mounted on the kitchen wall or you could get a compact model that can be easily placed on the countertop. These are known as countertop models.

A vintage coffee grinder is manufactured using different materials. The most popular that was used in making the machine was unpainted wood.

different antique coffee grinders

The handles on these models were made with cast-iron and there were intricate, utterly beautiful designs engraved in the handles. There are many collectible, antique coffee grinders – mainly the products created by the Parker Nation Coffee Mill. The mill was established in Connecticut, way back in 1905.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that an antique coffee grinder makes for a pretty wonderful investment. That is not just because it can make a delicious cup of aromatic and wholesome coffee, but for the fact that it can be used as a decorative item – taking you back in time.

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