How To Clean Your Coffee Grinders

Cleaning a Dirty Grinder

Your coffee grinder is one of the most essential tools in your coffee brewing arsenal. In fact this efficient equipment sets the stage for the quality of your favorite beverage. As a passionate coffee lover, you would know how important it is to invest in a high quality coffee grinder. Because coffee grinders are so influential, it’s not surprising that using a greasy, grimy and dirty coffee grinder can ruin your coffee experience instantly.

To avoid drinking a cup of sheer disappointment, make sure you clean your coffee grinders on a regular basis. This simple cleaning routine will ensure that your coffee brews taste the best and you never have to deal with poorly tasting coffee.

Dirty Burr Coffee Grinder

You will be surprised to know that coffee grinders can get greasy and grimy with large number of coffee particles and aromatic compounds that often leads to poor taste and aroma. Fine coffee particles in particular have the really annoying habit of finding their way into every hidden crack in your grinder. And if you don’t clear the debris, this continuous coffee buildup can even choke the electric motor and your machine will be dead within no time.

The aromatic oils contained in coffee beans are especially problematic. There’s plenty of oil in almost every coffee bean and this sticky substance if allowed to buildup can cause excessive staining and stickiness on your equipment. What’s worse is that the oil leftover can start ‘tinting’ your freshly brewed coffee and ruin your day which otherwise would have been good.

Thankfully the simple solution to your problems doesn’t require any special equipment.

Cleaning Coffee Grinder Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

All you really require to clean coffee grinders is a soft toothbrush and a dry washcloth. Place your coffee grinder on a flat surface and brush away the obvious debris. You can also wipe away aromatic oils and coffee particles once every day to prevent buildup and your coffee grinder will remain in good condition for a long period of time.

Cleaning Coffee Grinder with a Brush

Just to be safe, make sure you unplug the grinder and safely remove the components. It is good to refer to the instruction manual for help if you need to disassemble your electric or burr coffee grinder.

Quick And Easy Cleaning Method: Cleaning Coffee Grinder With Rice

Some folks prefer to use rice for cleaning coffee grinders. This cleaning method is simple as you only have to run ‘rice’ through your grinder.

To clean your coffee grinder using rice, you will need about ¼ cup of uncooked rice, water and a few paper towels.

Start with grinding about ¼ cup of rice in your grinder. You need to keep the burr or blade running for about a minute. In case you are using manual coffee grinder, keep pushing the handle until the rice you have added is pulverized.

The aromatic oils and other sticky debris should cling to the rice powder leaving behind a thin layer of rice flour. Tap the sides of the container and dump out the rice flour on a clean paper towel. You can then wipe out the remains of rice flour using a damp washcloth.

The rice cleaning method can be used to clean coffee grinders every week. You can repeat the cleaning process whenever you feel that your favorite coffee equipment needs a bit of ‘deep’ cleaning.

Cleaning Coffee Grinder with Rice Method

Remember that while rice cleaning is an effective method, there are a few problems associated with this cleaning technique. First and most importantly, your equipment is designed to crush coffee beans. Rice on the other hand can be slightly harder than most coffee beans which might put the motor and blade / burr under extra stress.

Loose rice flour or starch powder that results after the grinding process can stick to the burr and even deposit on the motor. Most coffee grinder manufacturers state that their product warranty doesn’t include the damage caused by rice.

High quality coffee grinder manufacturers advise that you use special coffee grinder cleaning pellets. If you decide to use rice, you can use the quick cook version that too at your own risk.

How To Deep Clean Your Coffee Grinder

Deep cleaning your coffee grinder is a satisfying experience both for you as well as your machine. It is recommended that you deep clean your coffee grinders once every 3 weeks or so. You can begin with unplugging your device and then simple brushing and dusting to remove majority of the buildup.

Dirty Burr of a Coffee Grinder

If you are deep cleaning a burr coffee grinder, use the instruction manual to remove the screws and clean out the burrs. Make sure you only use a plastic pick to clear the product buildup in the chute. Once you have cleared the debris, use the powerful sucking action of your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the remaining buildup.

Needless to say, you should take care while using the vacuum cleaner. After all, the last thing you want to happen is ending up with missing screws or grinder pieces. While you are cleaning the grind chute with the vacuum hose, make sure you try to reach the tiny spaces so that your coffee grinders will look as good as new.

Be Careful With Detergents

You can use a mild detergent to rinse the container and other removable coffee grinder parts, but ensure that the machine is completely dry before put it back in your kitchen cabinet. On the other hand, you should completely dry the burr and blades and this is especially true if your coffee grinder has stainless steel components. Remember that moisture can corrode the steel blades and burrs and your machine won’t be any good.

Cleaning a Capresso Coffee Grinding Machine

Bottom Line

So in summary, pat yourself for the job well done. Here’s hoping that these simple coffee grinder cleaning tips will keep your equipment sparkling clean for a long period and you should be brewing some amazing coffee every single time you use the coffee grinder.

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