Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

When there are so many electronic grinders on the market today, you may be wondering why you should even consider a manual grinder or why a manual grinder is something that you need.

One of the reasons to consider a manual grinder is that they are the best choice for brewing coffee when you are traveling and do not have an outlet such as when you are camping.

Coffee Beans Next to Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

Another reason that you may consider a manual coffee grinder is simply because there is something nostalgic about going back to the basics.

If you are considering a manual grinder, one that you might want to consider is the Kuissential Manual Ceramic grinder.

About The Kuissential Burr Coffee Grinder

The design of the grinder is really quite simple. It looks like your common pepper grinder and can fit easily into the palm of your hand.

The grinder is very safe to use as it has a nice lid on the hopper that ensures the coffee beans will not spill out of the coffee bean container. The grinder is glass so that you can see the progress you make while you are grinding. There is also a non slip base that allows you to put the manual coffee grinder on any surface without worrying about it slipping during the grinding process.

The burr is made of ceramic, which is extremely sturdy and one of the top materials for burrs for many reasons. You do not have to worry about rust as you might with a steel burr. Generally speaking, ceramic burrs tend to last longer, do not make as much noise, absorb less heat, and do not alter the flavor of the coffee beans that you are using.

Changing Grindings Settings on Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

The ceramic burr of this grinder has been designed to provide ground coffee that is uniform in size, which is important when you want coffee that tastes good.

What Others Say

There are currently almost 1400 reviews of this manual coffee grinder available on Amazon. Of these reviews the average is 4.4 stars out of 5 at the time of this review.

One of the biggest complaints about this grinder is that it is pretty slow. You definitely have your work cut out for you when it comes to getting the beans to grind. However, this is to be expected with any manual grinder.

Buying Advice

When it comes to purchasing a coffee grinder the most important thing to think about is whether you want a manual or electric grinder. There are benefits of both, with a manual grinder being easy to take with you anywhere to use.

Kuissential Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

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This is one of the top manual grinders available. It provides an even cut, has a solid ceramic burr, and will last a long time. Overall, if you are in the market for a manual coffee grinder this is a very good option.


If you have the time and the patience to use a manual grinder, the Kuissential Manual grinder with a ceramic burr is a good choice.

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