Mr. Coffee IDS55(57)-4 Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee IDS55-4 Coffee Grinder

Mr. Coffee is a well known brand of coffee maker. The company also makes coffee accessories such as the IDS55-4 blade coffee grinder. When it comes to grinders, this offering from Mr. Coffee is simply a cheap entry level grinder.

It is designed for those individuals who simply want to quickly grind their coffee beans and are not much worried about the way that their coffee tastes.

Mr. Coffee IDS55-4 Coffee Grinder Opened

About Mr. Coffee Blade Coffee Grinder

The design of this blade coffee maker is fairly generic. There is nothing really distinctive about this particular blade grinder to set it apart from other blade grinders on the market. The size of the grinder is average and it has an average motor. The build quality is also average.

There are no real bells and whistles to write about either. This is simply a standard Mr. Coffee grinder. The biggest selling point for this coffee grinder is the fact that it comes in with a low price point. However, for just a bit more you could get a burr grinder that would offer a better performance.

The build quality for this Mr. Coffee grinder is what you would expect from a grinder selling at this price. The motor will grind beans fairly efficiently and quickly.

The bowl will hold up to 12 cups worth of coffee grinds. The on/off switch is located at the top of the lid and is a pulse action. It runs the motor for as long as the button is held down. You will find that it will produce a decent fine ground coffee such as those needed for Turkish coffee or espresso.

Using Mr. Coffee IDS55-4 Coffee Grinder

What Others Say

There are currently around 350 reviews of this coffee grinder on Amazon and it has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating at the time of this review. It seems that most people who buy this coffee grinder are looking for a simple and cheap way to grind their coffee beans for their coffee in the morning.

There are several noted problems with this coffee grinder. First, the grind uniformity is poor. In addition, there is a high amount of static that comes from the grinder. This can lead to large messes.

Buying Advice

This is the least expensive Mr. Coffee grinder currently available, which is the best selling point for this device.

This coffee grinder is not suitable for pump espresso machines because of the coffee dust that it leaves behind. In addition, if you use a French press or want it for cold brew, this is not the right grinder for your needs.

Mr. Coffee IDS55-4 Coffee Grinder

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There are a few positive aspects of this coffee grinder to consider. It is quick and efficient and will provide you with a fine grind. The pulse switch will provide you with control over the coarseness of the grind.

Overall, this grinder from Mr. Coffee is a fairly generic grinder that comes at a low price. If you are on a budget and just need a simple blade grinder for your coffee beans, this is a decent choice.

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