Turkish Coffee Grinders: Manually Grind Your Coffee

Turkish Coffee Grinders: Manually Grind Your Coffee

Turkish coffee is a unique way of preparing coffee. In order to properly achieve a Turkish grind, you will need to have a Turkish coffee mill at hand. The difference between a Turkish grind and a regular grind is that the beans must be reduced to very fine grounds, in comparison to other styles of coffee preparation since the grounds are not filtered out in Turkish coffee.

Before you drink your Turkish coffee, you must let it sit in the cup for a small while so you can give the coffee grounds time to settle to the bottom of the cup, so they will not impede your drinking experience in any noticeable way.

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How Does Turkish Coffee Work?

Turkish coffee can be sweet or not depending on your method of operation, and the sugar, if it is needed, will be added to the coffee while it heats up in a pot.

You can purchase a Turkish coffee pot, which usually comes in a Turkish coffee maker set, along with a grinder and spoons, or you can use a standard pot to simmer your coffee. A Turkish coffee pot is not as integral to the coffee preparation process as a fine powder grinder is to achieve your desired consistency for your coffee grounds.

Turksih Coffee Grinders on a White Background

Since the grounds that come from a Turkish coffee grinder are so fine, they do not substantially diminish the drinking experience as opposed to other forms of unfiltered coffee, in which the grounds are still somewhat large and result in a somewhat unpleasant feeling while you are drinking it.

The best Turkish coffee grinders are essentially ultra fine coffee grinders. They can be powered manually or you can also find a Turkish coffee grinder electrically powered, but the more traditional ones, such as brass Turkish coffee grinders are always electric.

Our Recommendations

We will now review a couple of different models so you can find the best Turkish coffee grinder for your needs.

Turkish Coffee Grinder Large 8.5 Inches


  • Folding handle
  • Brass construction
  • Holds 4 oz
  • 8.5 inches tall
  • 1.1 lbs
Turkish Coffee Grinder Large 8.5 Inches


This handmade turkish coffee grinder features very solid construction, thanks to its brass components. The grind it will give you for your Turkish coffee is a little less fine than some other models of Turkish coffee grinders, but it certainly gets the job done.

Being handmade in Turkey, you can rest assured that it is sufficiently well-built and corresponds to everything you can expect from a traditional manual Turkish coffee grinder.

The capacity is a little lacking for a Turkish coffee grinder and the mechanism does have some difficulty in getting a hold of whole beans, so if it is an option for you, we would recommend giving your coffee beans a pre-grind in a larger grinder with less fine tolerances, and then put in the pre-ground coffee beans for your final, ultra fine Turkish grind.

Turkish Coffee Grinder Large 8.5 Inches on White Background

Having made Turkish coffee using this technique, we can assure you that the grind is fine enough to not substantially alter your coffee drinking experience, but as we stated previously, it would have been nice for the grind to be ever so slightly finer.

The brass contributes to making this an aesthetically-pleasing model of grinder and it fits in quite nicely with other traditional-looking Turkish coffee making kit, such as brass pots, spoons, etc.

The handmade nature of this product may result in a few inconsistencies in terms of durability, but the model which we received to review had no noticeable issues, and has continued functioning flawlessly after several Turkish coffee grinds up until now.

Another excellent aspect to this product that we would like to broach before wrapping up this review is that it can also double as a salt, spice or pepper grinder in a pinch too, just make sure you clean it thoroughly afterwards, as your coffee may become unintentionally spicy!

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Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Grinder 4.2 inches


  • Adjustable grind
  • High quality steel blades
  • 4.1 inches tall
  • 5.6 oz in weight
  • 6 different available color schemes
Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Grinder 4.2 inches


This is another nice option if you are looking for a Turkish coffee grinder. This model is slightly smaller than the previous model which was reviewed but it features some interesting additional features, such as an adjustable grind size, high quality blades and construction, etc.

While it may be slightly smaller than the previous offering in terms of height, it does have a wider cylinder in which you may grind your coffee beans. The grind it offers is also variable which is a great aspect if you plan on using this grinder for more than just coffee, or if you like to vary the fineness of your coffee grounds.

Bazaar Anatolia Turkish Grinder 4.2 inches

This grinder is a little more personal in terms of grinding your coffee beans due to the adjustable topscrew, letting you find that perfect level for your Turkish coffee.

The base of the grinder also picks up whatever is ground in the mill so you do not have to worry about your finely-ground coffee falling out during the grinding process. The grinding mechanism itself would greatly benefit from expanded volume as it will take you quite a few refills before you have a good amount of ground coffee beans.

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Turkish coffee is one of the most enjoyable ways to prepare your coffee and there is nothing stopping you from being able to make your Turkish coffee at home. All that is required is a fine grinder, some spoons and a pot, and they needn’t be specialized at all.

The only semi-specialized piece of equipment you need is a Turkish coffee grinder which can grind your coffee beans finely enough to be able to make a good Turkish coffee without ruining your drinking experience.

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